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Track Name: Stop Dreaming
nothing will ever change, you're not
Track Name: Tough Enough
to understand what love means.
Track Name: Das Geheimnis
is to shut down your heart and
Track Name: Open your Mouth
until everything you wanted to say falls out. While you write a
Track Name: Dairy of a Walk
Track Name: Corresponding Thoughts
you never really knew, but
Track Name: A Billion Particles From Head to Toe
try finding me
words full of sincerity
without matter whats the question
feel ashamed for creating nothin

so hold me and never let go
a billion particles from head to toe
I'm sorry he only saw faces
so many things and empty spaces

so please tell me how
this problems gonna work out
your beauty is transparent
but your truth is confirmation

in fields where fires start
but you never could get that far
most intentions are sought after
the noble loser ends the chapter

taken for a favor
unaware of whats familiar
meeting another failure
welcome home to frame your brother
Track Name: I'll get to know You
If you let me.